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Pro Elite Academy Unveil New Visual Identity

Pro Elite Academy are delighted to reveal our brand-new visual identity ahead of the 2023/24 season, marking an exciting new chapter in our history.

Our new circular emblem features a sleek and contemporary design, symbolising our unwavering dedication to excellence.

With meticulous attention to detail, we have carefully crafted the new badge to encapsulate our future vision while honouring our rich heritage.

The circular shape serves as a representation of unity and continuity, creating an unbreakable bond among our players, coaches and staff. It stands as a constant reminder of the collective strength and determination that drives us forward.

Nestled at the core of the badge is a silhouette of a footballer, embodying precision, finesse, and our commitment to instilling bravery and creativity.

While embracing our new identity, we have also incorporated elements from our previous badge, such as the seven stripes in the inner ring and footballs in the outer ring. We think it’s important to preserve these elements which pay homage to the inspiring journey that has brought us to this point.

The badge proudly bears the powerful words "Inspiring the Future” - which encapsulate the very essence of our mission and vision.

Additionally, we have included the roman numerals ‘MMXIV’ (2014), representing the year of our academy's establishment.

Luke Dean, Academy Director, commented: "We are extremely proud to unveil our brand-new badge, signifying a new era for Pro Elite Academy."

“This has been a long time in the making, and we’ve worked tirelessly as a group of staff to come together and create a badge to be proud of.

“We believe the new badge will resonate deeply with our players, coaches and partners, serving as a symbol of pride for all associated with Pro Elite Academy.”

Starting from July 1st, the new circular badge will prominently feature on all official Pro Elite Academy kits, social media platforms, and marketing materials - and will serve as a unifying symbol, creating a visual identity that resonates with Pro Elite's mission and vision.

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Sans Sy
Sans Sy
Sep 17, 2023

I would like to join your academy

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