We provide a training and games programme which now includes games on training evenings. As well as the coaching we provide the games will improve performance levels and enhance the four corner player development which includes technical/tactical, psychological, physical and social,
Games will be against teams who may be older/younger or players at junior/academy/elite levels. These games then give us a great insight into player’s achievements and progression.
Parents/players just need to be aware of this and not judge games on just the score.
A player/team will only get better learning from defeat as well as winning. That is the challenge.
We hope you can have the confidence and trust in us that every player in our programme is challenged in the right way. That we continue to improve and develop them as well as build their confidence and self esteem.
We hope their performances in coaching and games with us continue to improve, and if so, they will be further challenged.
Pro Elite Academy