After discussions with coaches at pro elite and professional academies we have decided to set up elite squads for certain age groups. This is because we have a lot of great football potential in the academy, with some players almost ready to take the next step up. This is why we are now looking to push selected players to train an extra session or game a week.
Elite players will still train as normal plus an extra evening a week on a Friday with the elite squad. This will be an intense training session or an additional game.
This will take place at Bradford Academy, Lister Avenue, BD4 7QJ from 6pm-8pm.
Elite players will play games against stronger opposition to challenge them individually and as a team. This will be against other independent and professional academies.
We will be handing out information to players to train with the elite squad from the beginning of September.
Every player will have the chance to be selected into the elite squad at any time, but only when we feel you are ready.
If you would like your child to accept their place in the elite group please let us know immediately. If not, they can keep to training and games as normal and carry on their development with us.
Regards Pro Elite Coaching AcademyYA1A3172