Pro Elite Academy

Ages 7 – 15

Our Academy phase is designed to offer young players professional coaching and a weekly games programme against independent football academies and junior teams of professional clubs. We operate a dual playing pathways for this as follows:

The Development Academy is for players who want to come and improve their footballing skills and techniques with a choice of training or weekly games against other development teams in the academy system. The aim is to challenge them and create opportunities for risk taking and creativity so that their abilities improve as well as their self-confidence.

The Elite Academy is for players who are selected to represent our competitive elite teams in the PDG league and the JPL league. Games are against other independent football academies on a weekly basis to allow them to express their abilities and develop in a competitive games environment. In addition, players will be selected to play against professional academies through the year in order to assess their standard against professional clubs. This is their pathway into professional academies consequently and we are proud to have been a regular supply to professional clubs this way.

In both phases, our philosophy of individual development, risk taking, challenge and expectation is key for the player and team development. Essentially, we pride ourselves on an ethic of  hard work, bravery,  teamwork and individual flair.