Pro Elite Management now have a team of highly qualified football consultants who specialise in all aspects of negotiation. We aim solely on getting the best possible new contract from your current club. To help a football player get the right transfer and make the most of other career opportunities when the time is right for them.



What WE will do for YOU

To provide a friendly environment and help you communicate with those you feel you want to talk to. To give professional and useful advice on everything no matter how big or smaller deal.  To cover every aspect of life off the field if required. This allows the player to solely focus on their career without worry or headaches.

We know that trust is something intangible, built and maintained through dedication. The professional relationship we have with our players will go beyond merely providing services. We will go through the ups and downs with you. We will be there through the successes and the struggles of the hard road ahead. We will together endure and learn from the challenges we face together. To help provide a successful and progressive career as well as enjoyable and life changing.


Contract Negotiations

We have the ability to be firm and fair when negotiating a deal. Our focus is the player and what his aims and aspirations are whether for the now or for the future. To work as a team with the player and the club in coming up with the right deal.


Loan Moves

For young and older players loan moves are important and can help a player to a better future whether present or to come. How loan moves can play a role in starting, extending and being suitable especially when it comes to helping young players reach their potential. We will continue to use our contacts throughout the game and our experience to get you the move you need when the time is right.


Boot Deals

To provide you with the tools you need for your trade. To help to kick start or enhance your career by providing the equipment to feel and perform to the best of your ability.